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Country Kennel Bully Rescue is located on 24a  acre farm outside of Akron Indiana. We take in unwanted and homeless bullies along with other breeds from shelters and individuals.  While in our care all dogs are fully vetted and loved until they find their furever homes.  Country Kennel Bully Rescue also saves MANY unwanted dogs from the puppy mills in Ohio and Indiana. We usually travel to Mid Ohio once a month to round up all the dogs the millers not longer want.  Without our help these dogs would be disposed of in a inhumane way.  We also attend educational events to teach the public about the bully breeds and to also bring attention to the cruel and inhumane practice of puppy milling. ♥

All dogs are spayed/neutered before adoption.  No exceptions!  All dogs (even puppies) are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, and come with a leash, collar, adoption folder, orginal health records and adoption starter bag when adopted. We also microchip ALL BULLY breeds in OUR NAME!!! You will be required to fill out a form informing you about this policy. Our adoption fees are used to cover the cost of vetting, food, toys, treats, blankets, towels, crates, cages, kennels, gas, insurance, building materials, and much, much more. When you rescue a dog, you are saving two lives, the one you adopted and the one that fills its place at our facility:)




We do not accept dog aggressive bullies.  We house many dogs and do not have the facility to properly contain aggressive bullies.  We also do not wish to put ourselves or others at risk of getting injured.

Our Mission

  • Help reduce the number of homless pit bulls
  • Educate the public about pit bulls and other bully breeds.
  • Fight BSL.
  • Educate the public about Puppy Mills.





If the dog is deemed aggressive, we will call you immediately to either come get the pet or we will have the pet euthanized. 

 * If the pet is unaltered, their will be a surrender fee of $50 to cover the cost of spaying/neutering. (this cost is waived if you are contact by us)

* Transport must be provided for owner surrenders.  WE DO NOT PICK UP!!!!

A waiver stating these regulations will need to be signed on the day of surrender.